“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming”
-Pablo Neruda

This can be applied to love too,one can place a hundred hurdles but one can never stop anybody from loving….love knows no hurdles,no boundaries,no limits,cannot differentiate right from wrong,love truly absolutely blind,just knows to fall,sometimes for a hundred reasons sometimes none,sometimes beauty attracts,sometimes we find beauty in the ugliness,sometimes we change our own rules to pave love,sometimes make new rules to cope with the flood love is,sometimes run after someone blindfolded,trusting completely,sometimes do the impossible,unimaginable,unthinkable,incapable,so yes love unstoppable….I dare you to stop those feelings you have for anybody,is it in your hands to do so….can you shut your feelings off or switch them on willingly….I think not…I am not telling you to flow with the feelings,all I am saying is we have no control when it comes to love…love is well, a big hole in the heart….bigger than the world and there are all kinds of love for all kinds of people in that hole…love beautiful yet painful yet gives joy yet makes you cry yet you breathe yet you suffocate….I don’t think there is anything as complex and confusing as love is or anything that evokes as many emotions or storms in the heart as love does…do you?

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