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Colours Of My Life (poem for my hubby)

Colours…Today is my hubby’s birthday and I’m sharing an old poem of mine on this new blog for the first time and this is the poem that I had written for him even before I started blogging,in fact this is the very poem which inspired me to start a blog and the name of my blog too comes from here,this poem,I can say was the beginning of this whole new journey of mine,one which led me to you,I’m glad that this poem doesn’t remain in my journal anymore and is out for you to read and these pictures of my hubby are all from a beautiful time in our lives,where it was all too dreamy,though these pictures are very old,I do need to have them here,I hope you understand.


There are good days and there are bad nights,
there are agreements and there are fights.
There is laughter and there are tears,
there is faith and there are fears.
There are confessions and there are denials,
there are times of joy and times of trials.
There is me and there is you,
and like us there are few.
We are completely independent and independently incomplete,
somewhat like how the sea and the sky at the horizon meet.
But our horizon isn’t a mere illusion,
it’s our differences in unison.
Contrary to how partners in life are expected to be,
we may not always with each other be happy.
But as long as we have each other to hold,
in our hearts we have our homes.
To conclude I will say that
I don’t know about my influences on you,
but Honey,the colours in my life are only because of you.

©Seema Tabassum 2016
©lifeshues.org 2016
All images and content copyright 2016
All rights reserved

Happy Birthday Honey,thank you for always being you.

here’s a link to another poem written for us,titled Over The Years


Aftermath (poem)


I had to write this for Sumyanna’s prompt,check out her amazing write too.


I stumbled into
your world one memorable time…
I was not welcome and
my roads to you were blocked…
since then life has become
one massive disappointment…
living has become
about treading carefully
on these thin ropes taut
on which my world
I’m balancing…
this weight that I carry
is no less of a burden than
if the whole world
were to be carried by an ant…
I have ceased to see
rhyme or rhythm in existence…
no more…
all the songs have died…
the rhythms have drowned
in the tears that I cried…
the light is demure…
will be forever…
I despise myself
for opening this
Pandora’s box
of hopes and dreams
and delusions…
but I seek not freedom…
for it will only be an illusion…
I can never be free…
the reminder and
the remainder of us
will always haunt me…
but I do thank you
for this hole in my heart…
this dismay has
been a great teacher…
it introduced me
to depths of me
I never knew existed…

©Seema Tabassum 2016
©http://lifeshues.org 2016
All content and images copyright 2016
All rights reserved

picture courtesy : pixabay.com

Happy B’day Mummy (poem)

I’ve never written anything for you
but today I’m going to dig deep,
all through these layers of people
who in my heart I keep.
You are buried deep down
sometimes I’m ashamed,
I have to look for you amongst people long gone
from my life,who now can never partake.
You know I don’t possess much of you
and in a way that’s no loss,
because I don’t want you to be
associated with any of my flaws.
Ofcourse you have your own
but I know now where those stemmed from,
you know that it’s all great now
because it’s all in the past and our now is awesome.
You are my strength
and I always put you last,
this summer was an eye-opener though
made me realise what a fool I was.
Mommy dearest,as I write this
I can’t stop my eyes from welling up,
just to think that I showed you poems I wrote
for all but never showed in writing towards you my love.
But it’s never too late
to startover,
never too late to straighten things up
and give our love a little makeover.
I’ll start by saying something
I tell Taher everyday,
that I can try but like you I can never be
because you were made from the finest clay.
You are awesome,I admire and aspire to be
like you,a great seamstress and your efficiency
I admire most,also your discipline,courage,
chirpiness,perseverance and punctuality.
I know you always tell me
that I can be what I want to be,
if only I try but I find that impossible
this apple mother dearest has fallen far from the tree.
You are so special that you’ve won
Taher over and Abbu,Abbu loves you too much,
they both are crazy about you
your kindness and concern has that magical touch.
So this is extra special Mama
I’ve said all that I over these years wanted to say,
but yes I hate how you all become one and gang up against me
now we all will gang up to wish you a very Happy Birthday.

©Seema Tabassum 2015
©http://lifeshues.org 2015
All content and images copyright 2015
All rights reserved

*this was written last year,since I’m updating posts from my old blog to here,I’m posting this today on my Mom’s b’day,hope you like.

I’m Celebrating Love (poem)

Each time you came
every time you left
you dug a hole
through my chest
now when breeze through
my heart passes
it makes some
really sweet noises
like it’s whistling
like a flute playing
as if in your love
my heart’s humming

I’m celebrating
my heart’s whistling
my heart’s humming
from summer to spring
I’m celebrating
knowing unconditional love
I’m celebrating learning keeping
cool through moments anxious
I’m celebrating letting go
while also belonging
I’m celebrating knowing pleasure
of love and heartache excruciating
I’m celebrating knowing
warmth and bliss
also for being introduced
to the cold and emptiness

I’m celebrating
falling and rising
celebrating succeeding little
but massively failing
in remaining unperturbed
by the storms of love
I’m celebrating
the love story of us

I’m celebrating
the full circling
I’m celebrating being in love
from a summer to a spring

but only that day it was raining
that fateful day it was raining

©Seema Tabassum 2016
©http://lifeshues.org 2016
All content and images copyright 2016
All rights reserved

picture courtesy : https://unsplash.com/

Bouts Of You (poem)

today is bad again
I’m reminded of us
of you and your indifference

today is bad again
that we can never talk
hurts and kills me the distance

today is bad again
it cuts me to think that even
from hating me you refrained

today is bad again
that you chose not to say a word
that you chose silence


today is good
I remember how you felt sad that
I didn’t understand you
you showed your vulnerability

today is good
reminded of the day you said that
you haven’t met anyone before who
misinterprets you so ruthlessly

today is good
I’m breathing again
after a really long time
I hear my heartbeat again loudly

so today comes to me in
waves of you cold and warm
I still hate you
like I can hate only your form
like only you deserve that hate
I’d do anything to keep alive this hate
recall all the things you didn’t say
you didn’t ever say
hate that you I perfectly read
but you chose to change how it meant

today is good
my heartbeat screams your name again
bouts of you
today’s both sunshine and rain

©Seema Tabassum 2016
©http://lifeshues.org 2016
All content and images copyright 2016
All rights reserved

picture courtesy : pixabay.com

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