go site I find poetry with rules challenging…I was challenged to write for an Elfchen.
Elfchen is a type of poem consisting of eleven words in a specific format of words per line:
Row 1: one word
Row 2: two words
Row 3: three words
Row 4: four words and
Row 5: one word.

see Elf is the German word for eleven. Adding –chen to a noun in German gives it a sense of being wee or dear. The word Elfchen (always capitalized, as are all German nouns) translated into English is roughly elevenie.
Eleven word poem again doesn’t mean that you write a quote with eleven words and split it in five lines, every line should have a meaning and should stand for itself.

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sinking depths…
choked other colours…
fog surrounds my mind…

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snow descends…
purity and death…
sublime and angelic juxtaposition…

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