The morning was welcomed by rain
in the evening from under clouds’ veil
peeked the moon when I least expected
a moonful of you and my being was resurrected

two of your favourite things
in a span of a day came visiting
I should have seen those as signs
but signs I have long ceased to align

later when I saw your eyes
reflecting the glowing moonlight
I knew today was special
as tonight we danced under the moon full

and as always you led and I followed
for a moment my heart was no more hollow
sprung roses and tulips and fountains
bloomed flowers in deserts when we held hands

our hearts danced briefly to the same beat
binded but light were my feet
those eyes that voice that gentle touch of your hand
dreamy like blossoms on winterland

for our next rendezvous pretty dancing shoes I’ll wear
while you pull me through time and space
I’ll wait to look into your eyes and grow weak
when you’ll in your mesmerising voice whisper sweet nothings

till then my beloved
till the rains fall for the lands
till the deserts glisten with the sun on their sands
till the moon adorns the sky above
till then and for always will bloom for you my love

©Seema Tabassum 2016
© 2016
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