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Like A Lighthouse (poem)

My mind’s in troubled seas
somber waters erode the earth from beneath my feet
pulling me further into the dark
these waves don’t let me embark
on my journey back to lightfilled hope
throw me these waters on sharp-edged stones
on my soul waves of uncertainity violently crash
overwhelming and sharp as they slash
my heart into numerous shards
leaving on me deep crimson scars

Oh God
your light is my only guide
save me from getting dragged deeper into the night
please give warmth of hope to my eyes
save me from these dark waters cold as ice
like a lighthouse guides a ship
please lead me to contentment and bliss
enlighten my life bless me with mercy divine
please guide me home to peace of mind

©Seema Tabassum 2016
©lifeshues.org 2016
All images and content copyright 2016
All rights reserved

picture courtesy : https://unsplash.com/

One Last Selfie (Saturday Silly) poem

Selfie is all the rage,I’ve seen and heard of many incidents about people getting hurt and hurting and causing inconvenience to others because of this ever growing and expanding craze,here is a humourous take on the fad,I don’t think this fad is ever going to fade,maybe this is one of those trends that stay on forever,maybe this generation is going to be remembered for this one trend that they started,who knows,what I do want to know is if you like this poem,I hope you do,by the way had to let you know that I could very well be the one who started this trend,I’ve been taking selfies since 2002,I didn’t have a name for it and it was all because I had no choice but to take pictures myself,more of a solution it was than a craze and now I don’t take any selfies at all…just saying,in case you wondered…

P.S. Please always take care not to cause inconvenience to others because of your `selfiesh’ antics,please refrain from taking selfies in places where vehicles ply,like say roads,also please don’t leave your kids’ hands when outside in a crowded place,don’t jeopardize their safety/life for your selfie’s sake,I hope common-sense prevails or maybe we should start a trend where it is cool to use one’s brain…hmmm

One Last Selfie

Selfie baby
Selfie crazy
Death too cannot
Me ever stop
Selfie I take
For memories’ sake
But selfie keeps me engrossed
Living that memory goes for a toss
Life was documented well
Now a little documentation of death
One last before heading to foreverland
Just in case there selfies are banned
Selfie just before entering the grave
Oh on facebook it will be all the rage
Cheese I say…will miss clicking most
Please edit it pretty and to ‘public’ you post
I’ll be popular and famous finally
Besides all great people were recognised post humously

Cheese or
(whatever!! click)

©Seema Tabassum 2015
©lifeshues.org 2015
All images and content copyright 2015
All rights reserved

picture courtesy : pixabay.com

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Contrasting Lives

How many songs have we heard on “Life”,especially in Hindustani(Indian).
There are a number of beautiful songs which describe life,some describe them as beautiful and some as painful.While we sit and analyze how life is,try to give it some meaning with our words or describe the essence of what it means to us,there are lives which have no meaning at all,and minds which have no sense of what life is,which don’t have the luxury of the ability to understand what life is to them,except a struggle,a battle,struggle for a morsel of food,for a place in the shade in summer,for dry feet in the rainy season,for a warm place and a roof over their heads during winters,for a kind gesture,for a generous word,for a sympathetic,if not loving glance.
While I want the perfect cup of tea,there are people who look for food in garbage piles,while I sulk over powercuts and potholes,there are those who live in the dark,on the roads.While I get irritated over minor inconveniences,there are those,for whom life itself is a big inconvenience.While I want attention,there are those who live invisible lives.While our lives are too short to enjoy,their lives are too long to endure.Life is unfair,true,but to such an extent !!
I would ofcourse never,ever want to live a life like my poor brothers and sisters,but I do empathize with them,I feel for them.I know how it is to be hungry,cold,wet,scared and invisible.I wish I was brave enough or kind enough or had the resources to take a hand from among those hundreds of begging hands and turn that life around,maybe someday.
For now,I have no choice but to do little things,tiny things for them and be grateful to God for all the great things I have and for only minor inconveniences life throws at me.I’m grateful my life means something to a handful of people.I’m grateful for the knowledge I have to understand songs on life,grateful for the sensibility I have,to be able to relate to the songs,happy or sad,grateful to be able to derive meaning from those songs.

Life’s good,when on my plate there’s food.
Life’s fine,as long as i’m not standing for clothes in a beggar’s line.
Life’s not a pain,when I’m not soaking wet in the rain.
Life’s beautiful,when I have my family with me
to make my day cheerful.

©Seema Tabassum 2014
©lifeshues.org 2014
All content and images copyright 2014
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picture courtesy : pixabay.com