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Someone Special (micro poem)

Someone special is he who stays forever and Daddy does, in many hearts.

This year September 17th was my father’s 23rd Death Anniversary and it never gets easy, I wonder how can it not, how even after so many years, even after forgetting how his voice sounded, I haven’t healed any. I sometimes wonder if subconsciously I don’t want to, but then it is not in my hands that I cannot forget or recall, I wish it was, I would change how it cripples me to think of his sudden death, his last minutes of his life all alone in a pool of blood and struggle marks on his always well polished brown boots haunt me forever, maybe if he had died in front of me or died because of ill health I wouldn’t miss him much, I am not sure but I do wonder.
Thinking about his last minutes, wondering if death came easy, if he was unconscious when he died or if he was conscious and in great pain with difficulty breathing, wondering if it was even an accident, I cannot, just cannot breathe, I don’t mean to put it all out here, I try to keep it light but then it all comes back to me and I suffer, I don’t expect all to understand but it hurts like hell, I live in a dark place in spite of light around me, his loss, his absence, his death, his words will haunt me forever, maybe haunt is not even the right word, he will forever live in my breaths here, forever, maybe it will make him happy to see how profound an effect he had on me, maybe he lives through me.
As for me I just hope and wish he knows that to me this world has a gigantic hole without him, that he is still someone’s most treasured.
I have been putting off writing this, just his thought, his name and my world scatters again. He was and will always be most special, special maybe because I know so little of him, an enigma my father is and my interest in knowing all of him will never subside, he’ll always remain a mystery, a void in my existence …

Some people come and never leave …
some people leave to never come …
some take a place in your heart …
some take the whole heart with them
leaving behind just a pumping lump …

©Seema Tabassum 2015
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Drifting Contemplations: I’m Wonderful (micropoetry)

We women live in a world dominated by men and sometimes I think that is not such a bad thing except for the fact that we forget that we are wonderful, we forget our worth and forget loving ourselves, we forget that being born a woman is a blessing in fact, we are mothers of the world, colours we fill in this muted world, we bring life and put life into the world of our men, we forget that we are more powerful than men in the sense that they cannot know loving like we would, they don’t know nurturing like we do, they don’t know giving like we do, we can move heavens when we pray for our children, uproot mountains when we protect them, drown the world when we cry for them and for our men, aren’t we something this earth treasures, we should remember to cherish and love ourselves and sometimes put ourselves first, or more often perhaps …

I’m not Wonder Woman
I’m just a woman …
I think that’s wonderful enough

©Seema Tabassum 2017
©lifeshues.org 2017

I love myself
end of story …
this is my
… once upon a time …
… happily ever after …
too it shall be

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Transcendental Love (poem)

Hello there, I know I haven’t been around and I know that you must’ve forgotten me but I hope that you haven’t. Life gets in the way sometimes and I was in a whirlpool of sorts, took me a while to come out of it, I hope to be able to write more and I hope to see you here more. Have fun.

Transcendental Love, isn’t that how love should be, unconditional, free of constraints of any kind, overcoming all odds, unconditional, selfless and an absolute surrender, I hope you agree, I hope you like my poem.

Transcendental Love

they meet anywhere …
in the depths of the seas
in the heights of the skies …
in the vacuum of the spaces
that defines their love …
in the vastness of the cosmos …
in the wilderness
where a million stars stand witness
to their love …
all they do is close their eyes
their thoughts align
and they find themselves facing each other …
their souls touch
so in love
selfless unconditional blameless love …
more like in love with oneself …
a love that transcends …
that doesn’t depend
or take
only gives and is conscious
of the presence of the other …
a love devoid of the fear of losing …
the kind of love that blooms
only when the souls have entwined …
when one is their mind
when there are no constraints
like space and time …
all they do is close their eyes
their consciousness aligns
and facing each other they themselves find …
a love that transcends …
that cannot be explained or expressed in words …
for there is no language sweet enough
or words sublime enough …
a love that can only be felt …

©Seema Tabassum 2016
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picture courtesy : unsplash.com

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Drifting Contemplations: You (micropoetry)

Micropoetry I always found tough and I remember being amazed at people who squeeze in a ton of meaning into a handful of words, writing for prompts too I found difficult, there was a time in my life, when I initially had started writing again after ages, I would write for myself, I wasn’t on any social media then and I would write what came to me and it was great, I wasn’t writing everyday but I was totally in sync with my inside, my poetry was all heart and I thought it should be that way, then I started blogging, I got on social media to promote my blog and joined poetry communities, wrote for a picture prompt first time, still think that I suck at writing for picture prompts, pictures don’t speak to me, then one of my dearest friend Sumyanna encouraged me to write for ten-word prompts or a line, I didn’t want to write because I thought if it was not from the heart I shouldn’t write, but she asked me to treat prompts like exercise in writing and I gave it a shot and honestly my best poetry has come from writing for her ten-word prompts, on Instagram I have to write for prompts everyday, now I think that if I hadn’t written for these prompts I would never have written some of my best work and that would be a shame, sometimes I have to write a 11-word story or a 6-word story and from there is born a whole new poem if you elaborate the short writes, so I’m glad that I have gotten used to writing for prompts but a little sad that my real voice I have lost somewhere, of late poems don’t come to me like they used to, I mean poems from my mind, through my observation, most of the poetry now is all just an exercise…
the following micropoetry was written for prompts then I have written bigger poems using these very same micropoems, which I shall post soon, I hope you like what you read.

Leave me wrecked
in your wake

©Seema Tabassum 2017
©lifeshues.org 2017

You are not just
my sweet serendipity…
you are my calling

©Seema Tabassum 2016
©lifeshues.org 2016
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Drifting Contemplations: My Poetry (micropoetry)

If I’m asked what poetry is to me I would have no answer, I could write and have written poems on what poetry is but I still find myself stumbling across notions and words to say anything, if one thinks about a new idea to write a poem every minute of the day will you call it obsession or passion?
I call it desperation, because there are a million poets writing a million poems in a day so if an idea is out I cannot write for it anymore because that would mean copying and I don’t do that, I have at least a hundred poems in my drafts and I’m scared to death that if I delay putting them out there for all to read there will be someone else with that idea in their head and I will have to give up posting it as mine if I don’t post it first, in the past I’ve had to let go of two micro-poems because a fellow poet had already posted something on those lines, so that has now come to become my life, constantly trying to come up with something that no one has written but this is about micro-poems, of course there are long poems where we repeat lines but I try my best to bring something new to the reader’s mind, I mean how many times can one read about stars in eyes right?
They say we are in a golden age, networking wise, but I find it more a bane than a boon, at least to a poet, all ideas and lines are out there hovering in web-space and I have to break my head over what to write which is new and not recycled and refreshingly different for the reader, it is a task, so of course I am thinking about it all the time, to sum it up I’ll say that poetry to me is my baby of which I want to be proud so I go about my work with integrity and I am very desperate, desperate for new ideas, for new lines and desperate to be the first to come up with a refreshingly different take on a million year old topic `love’ …
the following micro-poems are about what poetry is to me, my night sky and my oozing wound, I truly do wonder if my vulnerability can give birth to my poetry then my strength can do wonders, but like they say, a poet exploits everything, maybe I’m just exploiting every experience, mine and other’s, well, I should right?

My vulnerability
has birthed
the night sky that is
my poetry
unfathomable then
what from my strength
can originate…

**artwork by the very talented S.I.N.A’S. D.O.O.D.L.E.S do check this artist’s page for inspiration.

©Seema Tabassum 2017
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I bleed love…
and they call it poetry

**artwork by me, but the idea was from an illustration I came across on Pinterest.

©Seema Tabassum 2016
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