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One Last Selfie (Saturday Silly) poem

Selfie is all the rage,I’ve seen and heard of many incidents about people getting hurt and hurting and causing inconvenience to others because of this ever growing and expanding craze,here is a humourous take on the fad,I don’t think this fad is ever going to fade,maybe this is one of those trends that stay on forever,maybe this generation is going to be remembered for this one trend that they started,who knows,what I do want to know is if you like this poem,I hope you do,by the way had to let you know that I could very well be the one who started this trend,I’ve been taking selfies since 2002,I didn’t have a name for it and it was all because I had no choice but to take pictures myself,more of a solution it was than a craze and now I don’t take any selfies at all…just saying,in case you wondered…

P.S. Please always take care not to cause inconvenience to others because of your `selfiesh’ antics,please refrain from taking selfies in places where vehicles ply,like say roads,also please don’t leave your kids’ hands when outside in a crowded place,don’t jeopardize their safety/life for your selfie’s sake,I hope common-sense prevails or maybe we should start a trend where it is cool to use one’s brain…hmmm

One Last Selfie

Selfie baby
Selfie crazy
Death too cannot
Me ever stop
Selfie I take
For memories’ sake
But selfie keeps me engrossed
Living that memory goes for a toss
Life was documented well
Now a little documentation of death
One last before heading to foreverland
Just in case there selfies are banned
Selfie just before entering the grave
Oh on facebook it will be all the rage
Cheese I say…will miss clicking most
Please edit it pretty and to ‘public’ you post
I’ll be popular and famous finally
Besides all great people were recognised post humously

Cheese or
(whatever!! click)

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Drifting Contemplations: Memories #2 (15words poetry)

15words poetry is all thanks to a community in google plus which was started by it’s owner as a challenge,also to help serve as a source of inspiration to poets.I’m a member of that community,it has helped me a lot in growing as a poet,yes,I’d like to believe that.I always read micropoetry and marvelled at the talent of those who wrote,because it really is difficult to write a poem,make a point in short verse and 15words is another challenge all together,I’m hooked,now I can barely write long ones,I’ll be posting more of 15words poetry I hope you like.

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Tough Self-love (Saturday Silly)poem

Today’s Saturday Silly is more mocking myself than being silly but silly I find the kind of stuff that goes in my head,so this is for me being silly,thinking I got it bad when there are millions who’ll die to be in my bad,so yes this is supposed to be a knock on my head hoping I’ll wake up.

I see you and put you
in a high place
but you keep falling
from there into disgrace

Now you deserve to be
on the ground with face down
because this is truly
where you belong

I try to make you see
roses and sunshine
but all you see is dark
and endlessly whine

With all that chaos and storms
in your mind compartment
you deserve to be punished
with solitary confinement

You should then be
given only a rock to eat
with the acid that runs so rampant
I bet you should be able to digest it

Then be left to rot there
if you so like dark and lonely
should be forgotten till you learn
to appreciate sunshine and company

This is not me angry at myself
but only showing some tough love
a smack on my head hard
so I from this somber-slumber wake up

It’s spring smell the roses
wake up you silly
see the flowers bloom
in hues of tulips and lillies

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Les rendez-vous de Paris (poem)

Friday’s here
a bit late
a long wait

so shall we meet
on the streets
of Paris

you bring me roses
I’ll bring you
love that
the length
and breadth
of the universe

you wear
the same perfume
that you think
makes you
I’ll wear the
smile that
your face
will bring

soon the stars
and the moon
will grace the skies
and under those skies
a thousand roses
will bloom
when the moonlight
meets the moon

I wait with
bated breath
to finally hold
your hand
and touch
your face

till then
‘tu me manques’
and soon
I’ll be saying
‘je taime’

I love Fridays
very much
because in the air
I can feel
your presence
all around

your magic

seeps in the
intricate lines
of my
your fragrance
and stays till
long after your gone

till I see you again

©Seema Tabassum 2016
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picture courtesy : pixabay.com