Superman is dead!!! nooo… i had a real hard time sleeping last night,I need closure what happens to Superman… yesterday we saw the movie ‘Batman vs. Superman -Dawn of Justice’ I had to,for Abbu to make fresh memories with him,hoping when he grows up and watches a a Superman movie with his kid he’ll remember me and ofcourse I cannot miss a Superman movie for similar reasons,when I’m watching Superman my Dad watches with me,I feel like a kid again and all those memories come right back,hate that my memories of my Daddy are mostly of movies,I have to keep going to the movies to relive those times,I wish we had memories of other places too,but great that I did have this bonding time with my kid,though I’m pretty sure when Abbu grows up and watches Superman I won’t be anywhere on his mind,it’ll be his father all the way,suddenly I feel lonely when I think of that,what am I leaving behind I wonder… about the movie,well it was okay because it had Superman but Ben Affleck!!! as Batman!! I have nothing against him but I have to say that he’s the lousiest Batman ever,I like Christian Bale,he suits the part,this Batman had a hard time even breathing is what I felt,or maybe they showed him in that light because Batman’s old now,yes,or it makes no sense..and the plot!!! what plot?? yes that’s my reaction but understandable,how many stories can one make… best part was we three after a long time bonded over dinner outside and a movie through which Taher got to sleep,it was a late night show 22:45-01:15 and the plot was… so can’t really blame him,so all were happy,I relived childhood’s favourite memories,Abbu made some great memories(he loved the movie by the way,was arguing with us both for not liking it),Taher got some sleep while still being Abbu’s hero …not a bad way to end a Monday.

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