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Drifting Contemplations: I’m Wonderful (micropoetry)

We women live in a world dominated by men and sometimes I think that is not such a bad thing except for the fact that we forget that we are wonderful, we forget our worth and forget loving ourselves, we forget that being born a woman is a blessing in fact, we are mothers of the world, colours we fill in this muted world, we bring life and put life into the world of our men, we forget that we are more powerful than men in the sense that they cannot know loving like we would, they don’t know nurturing like we do, they don’t know giving like we do, we can move heavens when we pray for our children, uproot mountains when we protect them, drown the world when we cry for them and for our men, aren’t we something this earth treasures, we should remember to cherish and love ourselves and sometimes put ourselves first, or more often perhaps …

I’m not Wonder Woman
I’m just a woman …
I think that’s wonderful enough

©Seema Tabassum 2017
©lifeshues.org 2017

I love myself
end of story …
this is my
… once upon a time …
… happily ever after …
too it shall be

©Seema Tabassum 2017
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Reflections (poem)

The sun the moon the stars all inside me I find
blood some companions some spread across my soul’s sky

I look deep into myself only to find others dwell
all these residents here overcrowd and in numbers swell

In the lanes of my soul I find myself nowhere
wonder if I arrived late or if I was ever there

Understand I do why my steps pause
too many people to admire while I’m forever the lost cause

These people they shine with a consistent light
while lurking in the dark I am they never cease to burn bright

I know perfect how and who and what I aspire to be
I’m sure when I inch even a speck closer I’ll find self love within me

Continuous my struggle but I march on with my intentions pure
one day the gates will open when my conscience’s crystal clear

My wait for that day is most desperate and staple
when I shall rejoice in the company of these magnificent people

All will be peaceful then marvellous will be my growth
dazzling and bright then self love will smoothly flow


©Seema Tabassum 2015
©lifeshues.org 2015
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picture courtesy : pixabay.com

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