Transcendental Love (poem)

Hello there, I know I haven’t been around and I know that you must’ve forgotten me but I hope that you haven’t. Life gets in the way sometimes and I was in a whirlpool of sorts, took me a while to come out of it, I hope to be able to write more and I hope to see you here more. Have fun.

Transcendental Love, isn’t that how love should be, unconditional, free of constraints of any kind, overcoming all odds, unconditional, selfless and an absolute surrender, I hope you agree, I hope you like my poem.

Transcendental Love

they meet anywhere …
in the depths of the seas
in the heights of the skies …
in the vacuum of the spaces
that defines their love …
in the vastness of the cosmos …
in the wilderness
where a million stars stand witness
to their love …
all they do is close their eyes
their thoughts align
and they find themselves facing each other …
their souls touch
so in love
selfless unconditional blameless love …
more like in love with oneself …
a love that transcends …
that doesn’t depend
or take
only gives and is conscious
of the presence of the other …
a love devoid of the fear of losing …
the kind of love that blooms
only when the souls have entwined …
when one is their mind
when there are no constraints
like space and time …
all they do is close their eyes
their consciousness aligns
and facing each other they themselves find …
a love that transcends …
that cannot be explained or expressed in words …
for there is no language sweet enough
or words sublime enough …
a love that can only be felt …

©Seema Tabassum 2016
© 2016
All content and images copyright 2016
All rights reserved.

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  1. “For there is no language sweet enough
    or words sublime enough …”
    and still, you poured the best words that could be sublime enough to evaporate and stay with me and in my head ?

    And this is what Amma had stored in her blogs :))
    I came a little late but now that I know of this world, I will come back for more and keep coming back until I reach the first one
    and then climb back up till the latest one ?

    • Thank you very much Beita for finding this world is what I must say, I’m going to be putting in loads here again after a long time Insha Allah and I hope that you’ll find the time to read, would love to hear your opinion on my poetry, for now I’m happy that you liked this ☺ yay ☺ God bless

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