Who? (a poem)


Saturdays call for Saturdaysilly,on Saturdays I write something silly,something funny,just for laughs,not targeting anybody,just an attempt to bring some humour,hope you like.

Say who?
say what?
I’m sorry
I forgot
I thought
I would
but I could not

forever maybe
a gift
but in my mind
it’s short lived
I’m sorry
I tried
but gave up
after a
because not
much have you
my mind

now if
from here
you make an
impression fine
feeble chances
but maybe
I’ll remember
you next time

©Seema Tabassum 2016
©lifeshues.org 2016

picture courtesy : pixabay.com


  1. Nice one. I love the rhythm of it!

    • Thank you Sum,I’m elated you found rhythm in this,infact this started as a song,like how the cheer squads sing 🙂 thank you kindly for your time and words that encourage 🙂

  2. ???nice rhythm!! Yes, i was actually singing it!
    And one more thing, you always choose/click amazing pictures…I just fall in love with your images! Great choice!

    • sweetheart,i’m so sorry i cannot comment from my phone for some stupid reason so i wait to be able to use my bro’s laptop so please please forgive me for my late replies,doll i’m so happy you like the rhythm of this and the images are amazing right,thanks to this beautiful website form where i borrow,i do take a lot of time choosing and putting text on it so i highly appreciate your kind words,made my day sweetheart..love hugs

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